Week in Squares 05


Well, not a week per se, but I figured since I've been missing so many of my supposedly weekly 'week in squares' entries, I should do one now and at the same time and at least write a short update about my life.

01. Had lunch at Choupinette Cafe with Cëe, and I absolutely loved their Eggs Benedict. More visuals / review on my previous entry!

02. One of the photos from my outfit shoot, wearing a silky satin floral tee from Ellysage, that so happened to be in my favorite colors – white, black and grey. Tell me, how not to love?

03. Lazy monday calls for a lazy outfit – wearing a striped knit top from Supergurl with some distressed denim shorts (that I love too). A striped outfit comes with a striped backdrop, that's my rule. 

04. Again, a leafy outfit comes with a matchy greens backdrop. Was headed for the opening of Space Invasion's second outlet in Cineleisure, and that was my outfit of the day – wearing a tropical leaves crop top from Rackspaceproject together with my favorite pants of the year, the black pyjamas-style pants. You can't go wrong with that pair of pants.

05. On my way home from school, and this was the day I felt a little sick already, when I experienced sore throat and flu symptoms. Seeing the Daniel Wellington watch on my wrist makes me feel better though, I must say. Anyway, enjoy 15% discount on www.danielwellington.com when you enter the code 'brenda'! Free worldwide shipping available, and 15% discount is valid only till 31st July 2014.

06. Outfit to Strange & Deranged's flagship store opening! (Thanks for the invite, Cëe!) In my usual monochromatic get-up, wearing a slit-hole crop tee from Rackspaceproject too. Guess my favorite crop tee as of now! No prize for the right answers.

07. Mandatory tourist shot with the globe. It was hard to get people out of the way (stop photobombing!!) while fighting the harsh sunlight was real bad. Not to mention, I was running a fever, sore throat and flu too, which was why I had to give the launch of Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs perfumes a miss (and I'm still unhappy about it). That aside, waiting for cabs were equally depressing if you'd take a look at how long the queue is. 

08. Whipped up my lunch! Not gonna elaborate much here but check out my Dayre – www.dayre.me/brenwho for more details!

09. Outfit details for yesterday's USS trip. Excited for Halloween Horror Nights 4 (#HHN4) because the preview alone already wow-ed me. At the same time I might just appear violent to all the scare actors. Oh and before I forget, my outfit is courtesy of Space Invasion (Cineleisure). Refer to this picture on my Instagram for more details!