Fear of..

I think something becomes truly scary when we think about the subject of interest and let our imaginations run wild.

As I'm writing this, I'm under the sheets in my comfort zone — half awake and pretty much mindless of the fact that it's 5am and I should be asleep. But hey, it's raining cats and dogs (I actually dislike this phrase but we'll save it for another time) and the thunder is keeping me wide awake... or rather, my fear of thunder is.

It scares me, when I'm half asleep and the sound of thunder resonates in this darkness. A part of me fears for the others, hoping they're not caught in the rain, or worst still, struck by lightning. 

I can't help but to think of the worst consequences that can come along with a thunderstorm. A power shut down? Buildings crashing down? Someone being struck by lightning? Earthquake? Tsunami?

I'm probably thinking too much and I would wholeheartedly agree with the fact that my imagination is the cause of my fear. And this statement is valid for all kinds of fear, I suppose, or at least it is applicable for mine.

Then again, now that I'm all grown up, there's no reason for my dad to wake up at unearthly hours to stuff cotton into my ears and coax me to sleep whenever there's a thunderstorm. (Yes, he used to do that when I was a kid.)

Still, I'm engulfed in fear whenever there's a thunderstorm, and there goes my sleep for the night.

Back to bed for now.


Growing Distant

Forgive me  (if any of you are still reading this) for I've been away from this space for quite a while. Apart from the generic reasons such as "I've been too busy with work" (which I haven't really), I just thought I should make a mini confession here that I've seemingly lost interest in writing in this space.

Don't get me wrong — I love having a little space of my own on the Internet, and I love that people enjoy reading what I write about (or at least I hope you do), but with all the different platforms that has taken social media by storm, I think it's easy to figure why many of us have gradually stopped blogging consistently.

Like many others are, I've been so caught up with multiple social media platforms — Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and of course Instagram. I guess the convenience of Instagram is what I consider an appeal to why I choose it over other social media platforms. Take a nice picture, generate a caption in your head, and there you have it: an Instagram post that appears before the eyes of thousands of people.

And of course, there are the individuals who are visual learners, and would prefer watching a YouTube video to reading a chunk of text (like this one would be). 

The thing is, how many of you still read blogs these days, when you can keep yourself updated by simply following a group of different user me on Instagram and have their photos appear right on your feed without having you to direct your search engine to a particular person's blog?

I still do, albeit at a slower rate and not so consistent anymore. At any one point of time, I would still pick Instagram over individual blogs. But what if, like Facebook — the trend of Instagramming dies down?

What's next for us? 


// Meanwhile, as much as I can, I'll try to keep this space active!

Dream Big

"No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big."

I recently chanced upon this quote and I think it makes a lot of sense. It is not wrong to say that most of us teens or young adults (I am the latter) are still struggling with having a dream and whenever we get bombarded with questions relating to our future, our goals and our dreams, we get nervous racking our brain in search of an answer that we hope would not sound embarrassing.

I believe that deep down in our hearts, most of us have dreams — one that we are too shy to voice out because we are all too afraid to be judged since we think we would not be able to achieve it, or that we have one too many dreams that we can't decide on one.

The effects of our ever-so-judgmental society has caused us all to retreat into our shells — an imaginary one that we have built to fend off the labels that our society has given us. And, that is one reason why we are all so afraid to dream, let alone dreaming BIG.

Well, to those who feel the same, my word of advice would be that this is your life, and you have full control of it. You may not be able to string your thoughts, nor build your dream now, but never be afraid to seek a purpose for your life. Think about things or hobbies that make you happy, and work your way from there. The ultimate goal of realizing your dream is to be happy and have a sense of fulfillment. Keep an open mind and always remember: "Aim for the skies because even if you miss, you will still be among the stars."

Don't be afraid — dream big.