Hello, Invisalign!

Hello friends! It’s been a while since my last blog entry here, hasn’t it? Long story short, I’ve recently made a life-changing decision and hence decided to jot my entire experience in this space for two main reasons:

1. to track the progress of this special journey, as well as
2. for the convenience of some of you who might be in a dilemma like I was!

Judging from my title, it shouldn’t be hard to guess that I’ve recently started on my Invisalign teeth straightening journey!

To be completely honest, my teeth has always been one of the BIGGEST insecurities of mine because they’re really, really crooked. As a kid, I used to smile a lot with my teeth but as my milk teeth fell and adult teeth grew one by one, I started realising that I… didn’t like my smile anymore.



I mean, with teeth like that, who would be confident in their smile?

I definitely wasn’t. Even though some friends of mine would tell me “it’s not that bad!” I just wasn’t confident enough to smile with teeth and gradually, I realised that I never smiled with teeth anymore — especially not in photos.


Because of the lack of confidence in, I never smiled with teeth in 90% of my photos! And when I do, I give the most awkward smile like this:


Either that or I’d cover my mouth when I laugh, like this:



For the longest time, I’ve considered metal braces due to its affordability, but after hearing about how some of my friends had difficulty eating with braces on and dealing with issues such as being cut by the sharp metallic wires, along with difficulty in brushing and flossing their teeth, hindrance in speech, etc, I grew quite apprehensive about it.

Moreover, as I got older, I was also put off by the idea of having to smile with silver wires showing. Doing what I do meant having to be in front of the camera pretty often and having metal braces on would’ve just been inconvenient, and frankly, not aesthetic.

Of course, to better weigh my options, I read up on articles online and found some of them to be really helpful! You can read about the different orthodontic treatments and compare them via this article HERE.

Braces wearers are required to do monthly reviews with their dentists, whereas for Invisalign, you only need to make a trip to the clinic every 6 to 8 weeks. Time is money, right?

Which brings me to...


As the name suggests, Invisalign is a form of clear aligners which comes as a popular alternative to traditional braces for the simple fact that they’re more convenient and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

I’ve done my own research and found there are several types of Invisalign treatments, but of which, the most popular, which you may have heard about yourself, are the Invisalign Lite and Invisalign Full! For my case, I was provided with two different treatment options. After detailed discussion regarding pros, cons, and cost of each option, I decided to proceed with Invisalign Lite to correct mainly the alignment of my upper set of teeth as well as minor misalignments for my lower set.

This meant that instead the typical 2 to 2.5 years for Invisalign Full, I would only require 1 to 1.5 years for Invisalign Lite! You can also read more about the different types of Invisalign treatments available HERE to find out which suits you better!

And if you didn’t already know… I’m currently undergoing an Invisalign treatment plan with i.Dental Capital Tower.


As the appointed flagship clinic for Invisalign in Southeast Asia, iDental was definitely one of my top choices when it came to getting Invisalign done. Not only were they the first and only ‘Invisalign Black Diamond Provider’ in Singapore — something they’ve achieved by maintaining their position as the clinic with the most number of cases treated — but that meant they definitely had experience on their side too. You can see why I feel assured in leaving my teeth-straightening woes in their hands, am I right?

Furthermore, i.Dental Capital Tower has night and weekend appointments available, which works well with my hectic schedule!



- Consultation with the iTero Scan
I popped by iDental a couple of times for consultations with Dr Park where I got my teeth digitally scanned and visualised through a 3D imaging device, called the iTero! Instead of getting traditional dental impressions done using moulds (which I believe can be rather uncomfortable...), the iTero intraoral scanner gives a 3D image of my teeth within minutes, and was also even able to simulate the approximated end outcome of my teeth!


- Assessment
In a nutshell, here are a few issues I reportedly had with my teeth after Dr Park’s analysis:
- Overbite (i.e. protruding front teeth)
- Existence of a baby tooth
- Canine tooth grown out of place
- Mild misalignment of my bottom set, which resulted in asymmetry


- Pre-Invisalign Preparation: Extraction & Cleaning
Boy, was I intimidated by the thought of having my teeth extracted — it’s been a good 14-15 years since I last had my teeth removed! But as I was plagued with a stubborn baby tooth that caused my canine tooth to grow out of place, it was highly recommended for me to have them extracted…


I was actually really nervous the night before the extraction but thankfully, the whole procedure with Dr. Park went like a breeze, I knew for sure, I was in really good hands.

I also had my teeth scaled and polished to ensure they were nice and clean before donning my aligners! Remember, it’s recommended to get your teeth scaled and polished every 6 months to ensure they’re clean and healthy!


Before receiving my aligners, I had to get a number of attachments placed on my teeth. They are little tooth-colored bumps that were secured to my teeth to help give the aligners a better hold, and direct the bite to a better position. They’re practically invisible and you wouldn’t even notice unless you look REALLY up close.

And with that, I was ready to start wearing my aligners! I couldn’t be happier when I received my first set of aligners because it meant I was one step closer to the straight teeth I always wished for.


Just wearing the aligners gives me that little bit more confidence to take more selfies. While a wide smile is not quite on the plate just yet, I definitely feel like I’m working my way towards that point!

Can you even tell I’ve got aligners on at the moment?


My journey thus far has thankfully, mostly been smooth-sailing. It’s been almost a month since I first started wearing the aligners and while I initially faced some difficulties, I can safely say the aligners have become part and parcel of my daily life these days! In fact, I’ve integrated it into my routine so well that I always feel ‘empty’ when I’m not wearing them… and yes, even when remove them to eat…


But it’s super easy to snap them on and off, which is one of the biggest reason why I love Invisalign!

With the end goal in mind, I’ve been very diligent in wearing my aligners. And with the help of the experienced doctors and staff at iDental, I’m really looking forward in attaining a confident, beautiful smile in the near future!


Speaking of which, I’ve also been getting quite a number of questions from friends and followers regarding my Invisalign treatment, so I hope this blog post gave you a better idea of my journey to straight teeth. Feel free to shoot me more enquiries and I may answer them in the near future!

Alternatively, you might want to check out i.Dental’s upcoming Invisalign Day, coming 8th September 2018:


Date: 8th September 2018, Saturday
Time: 1pm to 5pm
Venue: 168 Robinson Road, Capital Tower, #13-04, Singapore 068912
Register at idental.com.sg/rsvp

Admission is $21.40 (with GST), inclusive of consultation, smile assessment and goodie bag. Attendees will get to see how their teeth will look like with the latest 3D simulation software iTero Element 2.

Attendees will also enjoy exclusive treatment package price and receive a free set of clear retainer worth $450, if they sign up on the same day.

More updates to come so follow me along on my journey towards straight teeth and a confident smile! :)