For Eternity

To me, jewellery are more than just accessories that jazzes up an outfit and complete the look. I see them as symbolical items that carry meaning – each and every of them a different one. That is what makes them special and unique, isn't it? 

Recently, I received a couple of these lovely Eternity necklaces from WHYNOTSPEAKUP. Inside each of these beautifully handcrafted necklaces is a single stalk of living flower, which I think is what makes them really special because how often do you see a living flower enclosed within a necklace? 

Besides, these bullet-shaped necklaces carry a strong message with the fact that flowers in each of the necklaces are real, living flowers that last an eternity, and that is – love, similar to the flower in the necklace, never wilts and that it lasts an eternity too.

In photo: Eternity necklace in Rouge Night

In photo: Eternity necklace in Rouge Night

I love how every little detail of the flower, all the way from the stalk to the petals and even the corona (center part) of the flower. It's pretty amazing how a flower can be retained in its precious and natural form to be placed inside this bullet-shaped necklace, all thanks to the wonderful frosting technology that WHYNOTSPEAKUP has used. Not only that, the flower inside actually changes in different atmospheres - blooming when its dry and cold, and closing when it's moist and warm. 

With the frosting technology in place, these little flowers require only very minimal watering and maintenance (only one drop of water is needed every week). Admittedly, the flower-lover in me was especially excited because really, how often do you get a 'mini potted living plant', especially since you can wear it out everyday?

In photo: Eternity necklace in Blanc Light

In photo: Eternity necklace in Blanc Light

I would like to think that the Eternity necklace is such a wonderful creation, gorgeous and meaningful at the same time. They would definitely make perfect gifts on romantic or special occasions (well, Valentines' is just a month away!) especially if your loved one is a fan of jewellery or flowers, or both! 

What better way to express your love than to have your loved one wear a symbolic adornment, especially a necklace since its close to his/her heart? I know certainly that I'd be touched if someone were to present me with such a beautiful necklace, wouldn't you?


Do visit their website for a more extensive collection of the Eternity necklaces available in a variety of colors, or check out their Instagram @whynotspeakup for any updates or giveaway details!

Note: Necklaces are available for preorder from now till 12th January because they are made-to-order, so place your order in advance to receive them before Valentine's! They'll be priced at 10% off from now till 12th January 2015. 

P/S: Also, check out my Instagram for a giveaway for one of these necklaces pretty soon!