Growing Distant

Forgive me  (if any of you are still reading this) for I've been away from this space for quite a while. Apart from the generic reasons such as "I've been too busy with work" (which I haven't really), I just thought I should make a mini confession here that I've seemingly lost interest in writing in this space.

Don't get me wrong — I love having a little space of my own on the Internet, and I love that people enjoy reading what I write about (or at least I hope you do), but with all the different platforms that has taken social media by storm, I think it's easy to figure why many of us have gradually stopped blogging consistently.

Like many others are, I've been so caught up with multiple social media platforms — Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and of course Instagram. I guess the convenience of Instagram is what I consider an appeal to why I choose it over other social media platforms. Take a nice picture, generate a caption in your head, and there you have it: an Instagram post that appears before the eyes of thousands of people.

And of course, there are the individuals who are visual learners, and would prefer watching a YouTube video to reading a chunk of text (like this one would be). 

The thing is, how many of you still read blogs these days, when you can keep yourself updated by simply following a group of different user me on Instagram and have their photos appear right on your feed without having you to direct your search engine to a particular person's blog?

I still do, albeit at a slower rate and not so consistent anymore. At any one point of time, I would still pick Instagram over individual blogs. But what if, like Facebook — the trend of Instagramming dies down?

What's next for us? 


// Meanwhile, as much as I can, I'll try to keep this space active!