Has it really been two weeks since I've held my 21st birthday party?! Everything that happened that evening seems to be on repeat in my head, as if it happened just yesterday. But fact is, I've officially turned 21  and while things haven't been exactly different since then, sometimes it just hits me pretty hard that I'm an adult now...

Reflective thoughts aside, here's a collation of all the photos from the party and stay-cation!


After a whole morning (weeks, in fact) of preparation and getting all the things we need for the party, we checked into a club room at Marina Bay Sands. Settled down and began to set up and prep for the party which included shifting of furniture to make more space, attempting to decorate (but failed), getting the drinks ready in our make shift fridge, also known as bath tub, yada yada... 

Went for a quick dip at the legendary MBS infinity pool and since I can't swim, the whole "quick dip" took a mere 10 minutes. Came back to the room and the phone calls / texts started coming in, requesting for me to collect my food / cakes and stuff. At the same time, my homies arrived early (yay!) to help me settle the decorations and rendered all the help they could.

And here were the end results after decoration, food and everything was sorted out:


Food? Check. Cake? Check. Sweet treats? Check!

Sweet Treats - Winifred Kriste Cake


These adorable and yummy cakelets are from Winifred KristΓ© Cake and may I just say, Winifred's creations are gorgeous? You really need to visit the website because the word 'gorgeous' simply do not do justice to the beauty of the cakes. Thank you Winifred KristΓ© Cake for the love!

Birthday Cake - Cakerysg


And if you can't already tell, the theme for my birthday party was monochrome. I had all the paper plates, cups and cutlery in black and white, and of course, the main highlight - the cake!


The beautiful, two-tiered, roses x quilted cake was from CakerySG and I really loved it so much, I wished I had taken more pictures of it. I'm usually not quite big on birthday cakes but this one had me in love at first sight!

It actually took me a while to search for a bakery that'd take in my order since I obviously have time management issues and only started my search around 1-2 weeks before the party, and thankfully CakerySG still took in my order and graciously sponsored the cake. If you're looking for customized cakes for any occasions, do check them out for affordable yet quality (and not forgetting beautiful) cakes.

Mini Buffet - Neo Garden Catering


Of course, what's a birthday party (or any event for that matter) without food? The thing about having a celebration in a hotel room is that you need to provide enough food for all your guests, but space constraint is always an issue because you can't possibly get catered food with an elaborate set-up (think tables, metal trays, food warmers etc).

I was pleasantly surprised to know that Neo Garden Catering offered the option of 'mini buffet' on the menu, and it works just like the usual catered food, sans the elaborate set-up which includes tables, metal trays of food and food warmers.


I went for the Mini Buffet Set A for 30pax, which included 7 yummy dishes and 1 dessert of my choice. It was so convenient since everything came in disposable trays that I simply needed to cleared up after the party. I'm pretty sure the lemon chicken, cereal fish and breaded scallop were the more popular ones, because they got wiped out and I didn't get to try most of them! But thank you, Neo Garden Catering for the food!

Photobooth Fun


I got an instant photo printer and we all had some fun at the makeshift photobooth area, along with some props made by @propsandbooth on Carousell!


Cake Cutting


Just look at the gorgeous cake with its intricate details! Well anyway, it was a great evening spent with some of my closest friends that I've met over the 21 years of my life (well, technically I met them after 13) and my family members as well (which didn't appear in my photos because I prefer it low-profile). I believe that the people you meet in life shapes you to be who you are, and I thank God for blessing me with such lovely individuals in my life. Thank you friends and family for being there always.

And this pretty much summed up the evening! I didn't manage to get any photos of my friends playing drinking games and some getting a little stoned, but it was great watching my friends from different social groups hang out together and having lots of fun!

So.... the night continued after most of my friends left, leaving a group of us for the sleepover. Not much details but we really had a lot of fun before heading down for breakfast, buffet style!


Special thanks to my homies for turning up early to help me with the set up, decorations and even throughout the party when I was pretty much occupied with phone calls / talking to my friends etc. I really appreciate you guys.


And with this post, I close the 21st chapter of my life, and am starting on the 22nd. All I can say is, within this 21 years of my life, I have lost some, gain some, gone through ups and downs, and learnt a lot in every aspect. As much as I would grumble about my life sometimes, I know very well I wouldn't trade my life and friends for someone else's.

Happy 21st birthday, self!