Clean White Spaces

Days ago, I finally found some time amidst project meetings to meet Cëe ( and we went exploring some of the historical architecture in the heart of Singapore. It's been ages since I've been to this place, and I really miss performing here! (P/S: This is a performance hall and I used to play percussion)

Of course, we also took the chance to take some outfit photos so here I am, sharing the quality photos taken by the talented Cëe! 

On me: Dress from     Tracyeinny  ,   necklace and shoes   from H&M,   watch from   Daniel Wellington  .

On me: Dress from Tracyeinny, necklace and shoes from H&M, watch from Daniel Wellington.

Really loving this grey neoprene skater dress from Tracyeinny! Didn't think much of this dress at first, and I thought it would be a little too formal for my liking, but after donning it, I thought this was the most perfect little skater dress ever! I like how the neoprene material made the dress flare and looked more like a babydoll dress instead. The flare and cutting of this dress also accentuated my legs making it seem longer and skinnier. Threw on a knitted bowler hat and some low-cut boots, and I felt all preppy and styled for a day out. 


That's about all the photos Cëe took for me at this place. We went to another historical spot to take another set of outfit photos but I'll share them in a separate post! Meanwhile, do check out Cëe's social media platforms and website for her amazing visuals and photography skills.