Gardens By The Bay


Sassydream tri cut top + floral casual pants / Misslucyheel

slip ons / Soeurs Co bag]

Headed over to Gardens By The Bay for the second time days back, but truth be told - this should be considered the first time since the weather was too merciless that I gave up at the entrance the first time I went. Now that there's a buggy service (paid SGD2 per person) to bring us all the way to the two main attractions, it is most definitely convenient for the lazy ones like me. 

Pretty much spent the next one hour exploring areas that were free (you have to pay SGD20 to see prettier flowers) and went atop to the OCBC Skyway to catch a glimpse of the Singapore skyline, which was quite a disappointment considering what I saw were all greens + construction vehicles and such. It's pretty amazing though, that a little city like ours is able to produce all these attractions. 

These casual pants from Sassydream made my trip better because they were so comfy to be in + probably protected me from potential insects that may sting me while I was within the greens. Paired with a crop top and some chunky slip ons, there ain't no reason not to be happily skipping around the whole afternoon. 

Have a great week ahead (while I mourn the death of my break) x