Nearby Enemy, Spread Message


[Soeurs Co. Black satchel + Tank / Black drawstring pants / Daniel Wellington Watch]

Well, at least that's what it says on my tank top: "nearby enemy, spread message, allergy to losing". There's no better way to put it, really, as this tank top really brings out the 'boy' in me, paired with my all-time favorite drawstring pants. Yet another typical monochrome outfit of mine with my daily go-to satchel these days. Spacious yet sleek, simple, classy and goes well with anything - who wouldn't love it?

It didn't take me much effort to put together this outfit as I drew inspiration from Soeurs CoN- the very same tank top was styled the very same way, complete with the black satchel as shown above. I like how Soeurs Co's minimalistic concept and how their entire webstore is so clean, including the way they style their outfits β€” minimal and clean. So I guess other than it being a webstore, you can always head to Soeurs Co for outfit and styling inspiration, which makes it more than just a webstore.

P/s: my eyebrows are 'recovering' from my recent brow resurrection c/o browhaus thus there's not many pictures of my face + i screwed my own fringe pretty bad (you can see why)