Lynn's Cakes & Coffee Singapore


These pictures were from two weeks back when I visited Lynn's Cakes & Coffee with my friend. Located in the west side of Singapore in a quiet estate with landed properties around, this isn't one cafe that is the easiest to locate, but I'd recommend this if you are someone who likes minimalist-themed cafes, such as this and The Tastemaker Store.


Their specialties are of course, cakes – baked by the owner Lynn herself. They do serve really pretty rainbow cakes (my pictures don't do them justice as the lighting wasn't that great) that are really fluffy, and at the same time not too sweet, very much to my liking. While they specialize in cakes, they do serve drinks (of course) and hot dishes as well such as pasta. I had the Aglio Olio, which was not bad considering the prawns were sweet, and the serving portion was big as well.

Lynn's Cakes & Coffee Singapore 
11 Eng Kong Terrace 
Singapore 598983

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