Mid-week notes

• so caught up with school assignments i've barely any time to breathe
• my body has decided to go on a strike with me, and it strongly agrees that 4 hours of sleep is more than enough for me
• it's so difficult for me to sleep beyond 4 hours right now (note: it's 5:43am as i'm typing this
• went to the doctors today because i was too worn out from being all busy this week and wanted a day off from school (oops) turns out i'm actually running a fever and got 2 days of MC instead, yay/nay?
• i feel like i'm losing touch with the world...... but on a brighter note i'm free after today
• attending @femmex's party this Friday evening! am excited yet.... having mixed feelings because i don't enjoy being in a huge crowd
• i'm perpetually hungry, even as of now....
• two weeks of break begins after today! never felt happier. would probably be staying home hibernating unless something better comes along
Back soon x