Between the lines

Quilt top and skorts ℅ Chacey Love | Zara bag | VulcanSG bracelets Nakedglory watch 

Yet another outfit of mine, decked in my usual favorite colors, basically. I'm almost literally living a black & white life already, but somehow when it comes to picking outfits, I tend to find myself more attracted towards monochromatic colors for the simplest reasons: they go great with everything. 

Of course, playing with different textures and cuttings would make your outfit less monotonous and dull – such as this top and bottom set from Chacey Love with its quilted details and an angular fold – which instantly upped the outfit by a notch, more or less.

The fact that they came in a set saved me the hassle of matching apparels together, which I think is perfect for someone (lazy) like me. Well, maybe it's just me, but this entire set takes almost no effort to look classic and timeless, all thanks to the quality fabric and perfect cut.