What's In My Make-Up Pouch


Because I received anonymous requests on this topic "What's In My Make-Up Pouch", and I thought why not? I had previously done entries on Skincare Products / "What's In My Bag" and this would be something similar, but a little different in terms of content. Here are the cosmetic products you'd be able to find if you ransack my make-up pouch. But really, I wouldn't even call it a 'make-up pouch' because I don't bring out most of the mentioned products on most days, and there's so much more irrelevant items inside (earphones, spectacles, contact lenses, iphone charger, shades, keys....) but yup, you get the gist. Here goes:

01 Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Lip Moisturizer 
+ Retail Price: SGD$7.00 approx. (from Malaysia / Hong Kong)

My go-to lip balm whenever. I literally can't live without lip balms as my lips get really dry in the weather in Singapore, and this has been the best lip balm I've ever used. One thing about Hada Labo is that their products generally do not contain any fragrances, so does this lip balm from Hada Labo. Fragrances from lip balms do irritate me because I get migraines from sweet-smelling stuff. Moisturizing wise, it's doing quite a great job. Also, it is very light when applied, unlike other lip balms I've used which tends to be a little on the oily / waxy side. If I had to name a bad point, it would be... Why isn't it available in Singapore?!?!?! Lucky you, Malaysians!

02 Laura Mercier Rogue Nouveau Weightless Lip Color (in Mod) 

This is only in my pouch because I look like a sick woman without lip color. My lips are always so pale that I get countless of "Why do you look so sick?". But anyway, I personally think that the shade is perfect as it isn't too extremely red and loud. In terms of texture, this lip color is rather creamy, though I would always prefer applying my lip balm before applying this lip color.

03 Laura Mercier Eye Brow Pencil (in Warm Brunette) 

My eyebrows aren't that sparse, but the use of an eyebrow pencil does define it and gives it a better shape. The shade is great as it isn't too overly dark in color, which may cause you to end up looking like you used a sharpie on your brows. Also, it comes with a spooly brush on the other tip, and the pencil doesn't break (like other eyebrow pencils do) whenever I sharpen it.

04 Laura Mercier CrΓ¨me Cheek Colour (in Sunrise)

Another of the i-look-so-pale-without-color item. Love the cream texture that glides on easily on my face when applied with my finger, and doesn't leave a sticky feeling after. I dislike products that leaves my face feeling oily and sticky - it's so gross!

05 3 Concept Eyes Full Cover Concealer (in Shade 02) 
+ Retail Price: SGD$26.90 from 3CE Colorz Singapore

Another go-to product of mine to save my horrible dark eye-rings. I look like I haven't slept for 1000 years without concealer for my under-eyes. I was previously using ZA and Maybelline, but when I realized there are websites in Singapore selling authentic 3CE products that are highly raved, I couldn't give it a miss.

06 Innisfree Eco Flower Lip Tint (in Rose)
+ Retail Price: SGD$10.00 from Innisfree @ Ngee Ann City

I still have no idea what a lip tint is, or what it does. But I'm pretty sure it's of a liquid consistency and has the same uses as a lipstick - putting colors on your lips, that is. Either way, the shade of this lip tint is in a pretty shade of light red. I'm assuming there are flower extracts in this product because of the name, and also because it tastes slightly sweet. For 10 bucks, this is a pretty good deal from a popular Korean cosmetics brand.

That's pretty much it. Thank you whoever who requested this on my Ask.fm, wouldn't have been able to do entries like this without suggestions of topics that I should post about. If you have any topics to suggest, do let me know and I'll try to fulfill them because I'm out of topics to write β€” www.ask.fm/brenwho

Till next time!