Wayward Girl

Double-pocket mesh sleeve blazer: NoixCracker
White crop top: H&M
Shades: Cotton On
Black slip-ons: Topshop
Vintage watch: Naked Glory

I've always been into outerwear. Maybe it's just me – but there's something about them makes me feel 'at home' and comfortable. To me, outfits are never complete without an outerwear, unless the weather is really terribly hot or I'm already clad in a long-sleeved top. Over-sized outerwear are the best, preferably not too thick and structured so I can dress down with it.

Well, this blazer from NoixCracker certainly fits the bill. I love how it makes me feel so badass with it being over-sized, black and unique with two front pockets I can tuck my hands in (and maybe to hide some candy). How do you like your outerwear?