Hair Diary: Hair Makeover

My hair is, and always has been the most important attribute of myself that I am very conscious and particular about. Who doesn't wish for soft, silky, luxurious hair? I know I do. But unfortunately, not everyone is born this lucky to have the perfect kind of hair that everyone else wishes for.

For my shoulder-length hair, it's especially annoying that the ends curl outwards every morning when I wake up, so I spend about an hour straightening and curling them inwards each day before I leave house. I have this issue (probably OCD) with cleanliness and tidyness, so much so that it irks me so bad whenever my hair goes out of shape / curls outwards that I don't even want to head out anymore.

Personally, I had the following concerns about my hair, as seen in the photos below.

Dry hair Dry to the touch, frizzy-looking like grass (or that I haven't combed for a thousand years). I figured my hair probably got drier as the days of straightening daily went by.
Shapeless hair I am extremely particular about the shape of my hair, and I hate when my hair curls in/out in all directions.
Flat hair — Having very little and extremely fine hair, my hair obviously has no volume and is so flat and dead after straightening them. 

But now, these issues are diminished all thanks to Pro Trim Salon, who kindly invited me to their salon sometime last month to get my hair done by Maggie Yeap (my stylist!). I know from the photos below, you can't exactly tell the difference before & after my hairdo, but trust me I CAN feel the difference!

Here's a short breakdown on what my stylist, Maggie, did to my hair.
  • Hair Trim: I was told by Maggie the importance of getting a hair trim regularly. Before this, I usually had my hair cut only once or twice a year. Having a little hair trim actually helps to remove split ends which makes your hair healthier, and also evens out your hair length which makes your hair look neater. 

  • One-curve Rebonding: Basically, this one-curve rebonding is derived from a technique that consists of two parts, the rebonding + the curling of the ends inwards. I told Pro Trim that I was a boring person, and did not exactly want to change my hairstyle. Thus, I was recommended this one-curve rebonding as it allows me to achieve that same look by simply blow-drying my hair, and not spending 1 hour straightening and curling it each day.

  • Volume roots: While having my one-curve rebonding done, Maggie diligently straightened my hair by using the straightener to clip my hair at a certain angle, such that my hair appears to have more volume. Yay to no more flat hair!

  • Keratin Treatment: This, I would like to call it the 'magical treatment'. I was pretty bothered with my dry hair and Maggie suggested getting this treatment done. Keratin is a protein that exists naturally in our hair, and this treatment helped to cut down on frizz, allowing me to have shiny, smooth and soft hair. The entire process only took about an hour, which is amazingly short considering the effect it has. 

In all honesty, I admit that I am an extremely fussy person when it comes to my hair, and I'm sure Pro Trim Salon had a tough time dealing with my fussiness, but despite all of my specific requests and wants, they were patient enough (especially my stylist, Maggie) to accustom to my needs.

I am also extremely happy and glad that I had the chance to have my hair taken care of by Pro Trim, because from my observations while doing my hair, they were all really professional and doesn't try to hard sell their products or services. You can actually feel their sincerity about caring for your hair, which is not often seen in many hair salons these days.

More importantly, my hair is now much easier to manage, and also smoother and softer to the touch that I sometimes can't stop touching my own hair. My hair is also shinier, and has more shape and volume to it. For now, I am extremely satisfied with my plain black hair, but I'll definitely try out coloring soon! Thank you Pro Trim Salon!

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