Hair Diary 02: Shades of Blue

Fact #1: I'm sorta a hair-styling junkie.
Fact #2: I've always wanted some kind of wild blue-colored hair.
Fact #3: My hair is literally my life I'm (extremely) afraid bleaching would ruin it.
Fact #4: I just had my first bleaching-coloring hair job done at Pro Trim Salon.
Fact #5: I am extremely pleased with the results.

Not a surprise, Pro Trim Salon has surpassed my expectations once again. Holla, shades of blue! I'm seeing electric blue, lagoon blue and peacock blue on my hair — all of which blend and complement each other to achieve that subtle ombré shade. Originally, I wanted just a single shade of blue. But you know, one is never enough. Selyn (their extremely skilled hair-colorist) suggested color play, having different shades and stuff. And there we have it, beautiful shades on my hair. 

Honestly, I was kinda warped at the thought of having my hair bleached. "What if my hair becomes the texture like that of dried grass?" I asked countless of times, but Maggie (my stylist) and Selyn assured me that my hair wouldn't be ruined. Nonetheless, I was skeptical. After 7 hours of sitting there, having my hair trimmed, bleached, colored and a treatment done (oh how I love hair treatments), my hair is softer than before with not a bit of dryness at all. The best part: It's been almost 3 weeks and my hair color has not faded. 

My hair color has also gotten me loads of positive comments, including a whopping 2.7k likes for the photo I posted on Instagram, which I'm pretty sure is the most liked photo on my Instagram thus far. I mean, who can dislike the shades of blue? I know I can't. 

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