Beaded Beauty

With a touch of edginess, these beaded bracelets from Vulcan Singapore have never been more beautiful. As seen in the set of photos above are Le Noir 3.1 (bigger beads) and Matt 4.1 in onyx beads. Made from unique stones such as Onyx and strung with chrome parts as seen in the photos above, the bracelets are stylish for every occasion and perfect for layering of accessories on your wrist.

In fact, I've been wearing my Vulcan bracelets everyday because they go well with almost every outfit. Of course, I would like to believe that there's something more to these bracelets and the unique materials used, in this case - black onyx beads. After reading up online, I found that onyx stones symbolizes inner strength and willpower, and I personally think that this is apt for us all for when we all feel like giving up at times. Don't we all?