AFF2014 Day 2: Desigual A/W Collection 2014

Last week, I had the honor to attend one of the shows at the Audi Fashion Festival on Day 2 – The Desigual Show, courtesy of Desigual Singapore of course. It was the first ever fashion show that I've attended, so was Cëe's (we went together!). One word for the show: Spectacular.

For this show, Desigual presented their special Autumn/Winter 2014 collection entitled "WHY?". The show opened with Hanli Höfer, the celebrated MTV's fresh face, who dazzled down the runway to cheers from the 600-people crowd. I'm not kidding when I say all the models were so gorgeous and stunning with their struts choreographed by the well-known fashion choreographer, Daniel Boey.

All the models looked extremely fun and happy as they strut down the runway, making the entire crowd cheer really loudly. They spared no efforts to tease and flirt with the audience showing off 53 new looks, blowing kisses along the way, and even sending winks and 'call me maybe' signals to keep the audience entertained and engaged. Above, you see that one of the models was holding her phone. Well, she actually went up to one of the audiences for a selfie! How cute.

(all images courtesy of Desigual Singapore)

I love that the collection was full of loud prints. Being someone who never enjoyed loud prints or colors on my outfits, I was blown away by how Desigual made their collection so outstanding with loud prints such as houndstooth, jungle prints and even lips?!

For the finale which I honestly didn't see it coming, Hanli Höfer led the models prancing down the runway throwing out heart-shaped cushions to the guests (I got one too!), creating yet another high at the show, in true Desigual fashion. The show was amazing! (I really don't have any other words to describe it)

Thank you Desigual Singapore for the invite and for seating us first-row! For more pictures of the Audi Fashion Festival, do check out the hashtags #AFFSG #DesigualSG!