Tonight I'm Feeling Blessed

Another entry blogging from my iPhone again because of a bunch of late-night thoughts. The added convenience of having a Blogger app makes everything so much easier, since I don't even have to be on the computer.

Post-shower reflection / thought: tonight I'm feeling blessed. Not that I don't feel blessed any other day, but tonight I'm feeling much more. 

Being in this social-media based industry (is that what they call it or....?), people would usually warn you about how fake people can be and stuff like that. Sure, it wasn't easy. Life hasn't been all smooth sailing in this aspect, and I do deal with extremely rude representatives of their online commerce platforms.

But at the same time, I've also come to realize that I am really blessed to have met the sweetest people around. I am blessed to have people liking my work and liking what I do. I don't know how many people actually meant their "we love your style / work!" sentences, but I choose to believe they are true.

Nonetheless, I am glad to have had so many opportunities with the help of so many individuals. I guess this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that not many people can get, and I'm thankful for everyone. Thank you.