Snail White Cream and Mist Review

Let's talk skin! To me, our facial skin is the most important feature because skin does make a difference, and yes everyone judges if you've bad skin, and it can lower one's self-esteem by A LOT, making one sad and sulky (like me in the picture below).


Puberty is one of the triggering factors to bad skin, and most teens develop acne which can get really, really unsightly at times. Does anyone of you experience the following above? If your answer is "yes", then read on to find out how you can save them with Snail White!


I was elated to receive a set of highly-raved snail white products. To be honest, my first thoughts were actually:

"Snails? Isn't it gross and mean to harm little snails like that?"

But after reading up, I realize these Snail White creams don't actually harm the snails in the making, and that snail secrete filtrate, the main ingredient in Snail White crream, is actually very beneficial to human skin.

However, what I didn't understand was "Why is it so highly-raved?" but after using them, I can completely understand why and I'm not even exaggerating just because they are sponsored.


Personally, I am blessed with rather "clean" skin due to good genes (thanks mum!) and I hardly get any pimples / acne and have never gotten any breakouts (touch wood). However, I do have some little bumps at the side of my nose bridge and rather dull skin.

I am also someone who HATES applying stuff on my face but to my surprise, both the snail white cream and mist absorbs so quickly that it leaves my face feeling soft and smooth. Not a tad sticky or oily at all. Here below are some of the goodies that the snail white cream and snail white mist contain.


The unique dispenser tray of the snail white cream also makes it much easier to dispense the amount I need, and is hygienic at the same time since I don't have to dip my fingers (and nails) in, which may contaminate the remaining amount in the tub.

I use Snail White every morning before I head out and every night after my bath, by spraying the snail white mist and patting my face gently, followed by applying the snail white cream. It's only been a week and the little bumps are vanishing. My face is also softer, smoother and has more glow to it. It's amazing how this stuff works on my face.


Happier me with a better complexion, thanks to the wonders of Snail White's snail secretion filtrate.

Not convincing enough? Have a look at this:

Snail White Review



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