Do you believe in dreams?

Do you? Are you the type of person who'd say "My dream is to..." or "I wish that... can happen!" Are you a dreamer?

I am definitely a realist. I don't live in the wonders of dreams. Sure, I do sometimes secretly wish that some things would go my way, that something miraculous (or almost impossible) will happen. But more often than not, I snap back to reality within split seconds and tell myself "Yes, you've gotten into this deep shit. No miracles or whatsoever will happen. Don't even try thinking of it. Nobody's gonna help you, and even if they do, it's still something you've to face it, and get over with. You can't run away."

What, I wonder, actually makes a dream worthy of being persued? Is it the faith that one person has, or is it driven by something else?

Are dreamers more positive than realists? Definitely. By believing in unrealistic happenings, keeping the hope and faith that one day their "dreams" will come true, it certainly gives them the energy to power up each day.

And maybe, maybe that is the reason why realists are often much more negative. There are days I just can't help but to feel "My world is crumbling down". Thankfully, it hasn't happened as yet. Life is in fact getting better by the days, and I'm grateful for everything and everyone who's a part of this.

Still, it's safe to believe that realistically, good things don't last forever.