Sometimes, you may think you know a lot about someone. And well, you probably don't, as much as you thought you did. What makes us think that we know a lot were really just the impressions of that particular person we created out of what we see or hear.

Us all, being rational creatures, strive to create a really nice, endearing image of ourselves, hoping to deeply etch it into others' mind or heart. It's true – who doesn't want to be well-liked and loved by others?

Some don't strive as much, appearing as nonchalantly as they can. Some, though, strive too hard to create this perfect image, but when certain situations happen, it all reveals. Others? They probably strike a balance, and are well-loved by everyone in their lives.

This whole 'creating impressions' is not exactly a bad thing, because we somehow live in it, and everyone does it. What is bad is that we often realize someone's real self after devoting our thoughts, feelings, and emotions β€” so much so that one day you realize, you didn't really know him or her at all.

And it's sad.