Foundry & Co.

Chiron Stacked Rings in Gold c/o Foundry & Co.

Foundry & Co — the lovely sister store of my watch sponsor (Naked Glory) was kind enough to send me a cute parcel some time back, with some of their beautiful accessories in my favorite color (I love gold/silver colored accessories).

Feature in the picture above and below are the Chiron Stacked Rings in Gold. The differences in terms of thick / thin sized rings made it really easy to match them with my outfits yet not overpowering them. I have grown to love the rings, and I mean, who wouldn't?

Halo Necklace c/o Foundry & Co.

The Halo Necklace, I must say, is one that really took my breath away. How is it that a thin chain and a ring can combine together to form such beauty? I have always loved the idea of wearing a ring as a necklace, but sadly never got the chance to until now. This minimalist necklace really does add a little something to your plain outfits, turning it up a notch.

Knot Ring in Gold c/o Foundry & Co.

Here comes my favorite part — the knot ring. To cut my sentence short, how can anyone not love this? It is like a metal piece all knotted up yet beautifully in place at the same time. This is for sure, one ring that I will never ever get tired of.

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