Chainless Brain

Courtesy of Chainless Brain, a Singapore-based accessories label, I was given the opportunity to pick out something I'd like from this unique store. It is indeed amazing that each and every piece is handmade, yet the fine quality is never compromised.

I can't put a finger on it, but there is just something that attracted me to this beautiful irregularly-shaped Titanic quartz bracelet that made me scream (in my heart) "I WANT THIS."

Coated with titanium, the colors produced by this quartz under different lighting makes it so special. I can literally see bits of pink, purple, blue, yellow and green at different angles. Coupled with a gunmetal chain, this statement piece is such a true gem.

Titanic Quartz Bracelet c/o Chainless Brain

Other than the quartz bracelet, there are so many things from this wonderful label that I love. As a matter of fact, I have already fallen in love with their little brown box and the lovely suede drawstring pouch that the bracelet came with.

Anyway, these alphabet rings (pictured above) are literally to-die-for. Don't you think so? Or if you aren't a fan of such minimalist rings or other accessories, Chainless Brain also has a wide variety of vintage earrings, necklaces and even bohemian headpieces that are effortlessly beautiful.

To add on, the lovely team behind Chainless Brain is giving my followers and readers a 10% off online purchases! Simply check out with the code 'brenwhoXchb' to redeem! (valid till 1st Feb)

You really have to check out Chainless Brain for yourself β€” or visit their stockists located in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.