2014 New Year Resolutions

Isn't it kind of surreal that we are already 3 hours into 2014 (GMT +8.00)? Just gotten back from a new year count down with a group of friends, and it's my first time actually celebrating new year. I always, always, always make it a point to head to bed exactly at 12a.m. every new year. Maybe I'm just that indifferent about new year. But the count down gathering went rather well, I might want to consider my options in the future.

Well, with every new year comes with 'resolutions'. It's something that almost everyone does but not exactly go ahead to achieve them. I kind of forgot what my new year resolutions for 2013 were, honestly. But penning them down right now would allow me to reflect at the end of 2014, yes?

Of course, I'd try to ensure that the resolutions are as achievable as possible. I remember I once wrote "Overcome my fear of butterflies and moths" and I've never gotten round to overcome this phobia. So here goes, and yes my resolutions are probably going to be rather realistic.

2014 New Year Resolutions:
  1. Pick up a new hobby — My life in 2013 was kind of mundane, other than the fact that I had band practices for a period of time in preparation for a concert. I hope to pick up something different, like... collecting things, learn a new instrument, or paint / read diligently.
  2. Gain some weight — This has been in my resolution list since practically when I was like ten. You'll never understand how difficult it is to gain weight. I hope to be at least 43kg, at least.
  3. Start exercising — Conditions make it hard for me to even exercise, but I think I might start some light exercise. Actually, playing Kinect might be a good form of exercise... mmm.
  4. Have my scholarship renewed — Please do.
  5. Not be so attached to human beings — Not like I am really attached to human beings, but it sucks having to drift from people or even become strangers. The ultimate solution to resolve this is to stop getting attached to people (emotionally of course). Just be the cold-hearted Brenda I am.
  6. Have a nicer / neater Instagram account & blog — I can't believe I'm actually saying this! It's almost like social media has officially reigned my life. Sad to say but it's partially true. I mean, I would not have been here without these social media handles.
  7. Stop being so nitpicky about every little detail — This is so difficult considering I have self-diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and I'm such a cleanliness freak. I even have to preview my own Instagram photos and captions from another (private) account before uploading them on my main Instagram account. This is so horrible and contradicting to point 7, but it's my resolution anyway.
  8. Overcome OCD a little — My OCD (if you haven't already realize from the previous point) is getting from bad to worse. I officially have to wash my hands every few hours to get rid of the 'dirtiness'. I can't walk past a person who coughed / sneezed without switching my routes or lanes (when walking). I wash my hands, open the toilet door to get out of toilet, and I need to wash my hands again. Tell me how bad this is already.
  9. Start being thankful and contented for what I have — I would never have come this far without everyone's bits and pieces of playing a role in my life, and I really should start being thankful because not everyone is so blessed and lucky like I am. Be contented!
  10. Build a better relationship with my loved ones — Nothing much to elaborate about this, yes? 
+ + + 

"Be in love with your life, every minute of it." — Jack Kerouac