There is just something special about handmade items that makes them incredibly precious. Here today is Sketch-a-Tote, a pretty familiar name to all you tote-lovers out here (especially in Singapore). Something special about Sketch-a-tote, as the name suggests, is that all designs on their items are 100% hand-sketched by the owner - how sweet and thoughtful.

Beautifully wrapped in a neat brown paper box and some kraft ropes, it seemed like an early Christmas for me, just un-boxing this little parcel alone. I have an immense weakness for cute handmade stuff like this. 

I received a tote with the sketch "Faith, Hope, Love". I'm not sure about you, but these three words are beautiful, deep and meaningful. Pieced together on a canvas tote, it brings the tote to a whole new level, probably 'angelic and sweet' I would say. With their very own 'Sketch-a-Tote' label, you can ensure that your totes are all uniquely produced with love by them! Also, the quality of the tote is really sturdy, totally beyond what I have expected.

I also got a beautiful canvas mama-string drawstring pouch handmade specially for me - because it has my name on! How often can you find pouches with your name on it, and my name is not really common so I am really in love with this pouch! I am such a fan of personalized items because it alone can shout "This belongs to Brenda". That aside, I love organizing my items in small little bags so I can predict myself bringing this mama-string pouch out on a daily basis. It is rather spacious and can store in my favorite items - iPad Mini, shades and even my wallet. I can even use this when I am required to run errands in the future.

+ + +

Well, since Christmas is coming, why not spend a few dollars and get a unique tote or drawstring pouch for your loved ones? Sketch-a-tote is extremely affordable, yet the quality is never compromised. The totes here are definitely suitable for the new school year in January 2014.

From now till 31st December 2013, quote 'Brenda' at Sketch-a-tote to receive complimentary normal postage! (yay!)

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