Rounding up 2013 (Blog Link-Up #1)

It's so hard to believe that 2013 is coming to an end. It really passed by so quickly for me – it's almost like yesterday we were still relieved that we survived 2012, and now, 2014 is just tomorrow. Well anyway, I thought I'd pen down a summary of my year 2013, just so maybe 1 year down the road, I can read it again and think to myself: Oh that's me back then. Because change is the only constant.

So as the title suggests, this is going to be a blog link-up entry whereby everyone (if there are any) can leave down your blog entry about year 2013! It's kind of like a blog exchange that I saw from Tumblr. And I was thinking, why not? I think it's rather meaningful to read personal recounts and summaries of a year from different individuals, from different parts of the world, different timezones and different lives.

2013 in a nutshell:
  • Starting this blog, and did not attempt to delete it yet
  • Discovering the wonders of VSCO Cam, my favorite app of the year
  • Getting out of my shell and actually toured in my own country alone 
  • Learning how to take bokeh shots on the iPhone - this is so so so useful in life (for me at least)
  • Creating Brenoverlays and having people who actually use them - thank you!
  • Performing at Esplanade Concert Hall for the 6th time. I love this place, really. (I am a percussionist!)
  • Having met adorable and really sweet kids from a school intern program 
  • Had (and having) an obsession with minimalist accessories
  • Catching up with the ones whom I'm most comfortable with
  • A mini getaway on the cruise
  • First and only food-tasting session at Olivye Cafe Gelato
  • Having many wonderful sponsorships and work opportunities with various brands like Nakedglory, Ellysage, Rue Gembon, MichieMochie and many more.
  • Being much happier and contented with life than I was in 2012.

I've only listed the good memories because I'm not a fan of keeping bad memories in my head. No doubt life certainly isn't always great because there are downs as well - getting into trouble for stupid things, people changing / leaving / drifted apart / became disgusting & two-faced, having a row with various individuals who actually matter a lot. What is more important is that I CTRL+A the bad memories, DELETE and move on for the better. This roughly sums up my 2013.

Now, I'd love to read all your entries about your year 2013! Share them with me via a blog linkup! Do link back as well! Have fun and of course, happy new year! x

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