(Synthetic leather pencil case, Daisy coin pouch — c/o Michiemochie)

Featuring these handmade products in my favorite colors of the palette, black and white. Personally, I like how monochrome goes well with any other colors. I liked especially this leather pencil case I picked. Leather is effortlessly chic - why not a synthetic leather pencil case for school? This pencil case has been a MUST for me to carry out everyday, and I use it to store essentials such as my glasses case (which can't fit into the coin pouch), lip balm and little things like that.

Coin pouches are essential to me too, though I do not usually use them for coins. Being someone who has a thing for tidiness, pouches like these helps keep my belongings organized, especially if they are small but important items such as thumb drives or keys.

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Instagram: @smichiemochie