It occurs all the time - every minute, every second - everywhere. The clock ticks, and time doesn't ever rewind again. The world moves forward for a second or two, and a day, a month, then a year, and more. In every second of our lives, everything is changing. Yet, we too often don't realize the changes immediately, but until you reflect, you regret and you realize "Hey, this was so different last year."

Sometimes it's so hard to accept changes, and it is even harder to adapt. It's complex, perhaps this is part of the human nature that brings emotions in. With every change in one's life, there is bound to be some emotions put in – whether it's happy, sad, anger, or regret. 

It wasn't up till days ago that I realized, how impactful a change can be even if it was a minor one. Just few days back, the shower head (we've had it for more  than 10 years) in my house broke and had to be replaced. The new replacement was a tad uncomfortable for my use, and it just felt so... different. That was the moment that I realized I've been so accustomed to the old shower head, that I've never imagined life with a new one. 

And of course, I regretted. It's kinda funny though, that such little details that nobody really takes note of, can churn my brain cells so much. In a way, I somehow realized that changes are inevitable. And the only way to be open to changes, is to always treasure the present. Never ever regret anything because at one point of time, it was exactly what you wanted it to be. 

Treasure now.