Noir x Floreale

Black Leather Lunch Bag | Sweet Florals Sling Pouch — c/o Amusse

There is no way not to love the color black - versatile yet extremely classy. The thing about this black leather lunch bag is that it is suitable for almost all occasions from grand events such as a wedding ceremony or prom, to a casual Saturday trip to town. Lunchbag clutches like this are definitely the *in* thing this season. Clutches you may have seen a lot of them, but a lunchbag clutch with gusset? That's a first for me, and I guess this is why it is so unique and sellable.

If you aren't a fan of monochrome like me, the floral sling pouch would be perfect for you. I love how the floral prints compliment the design of this pouch that looks so much like a poppy flower. Try picturing: White sundress, floral sling pouch and a straw hat – the ideal outfit for a Sunday by the beach or a date at the cafe with your partner. How sweet can that be, as sweet as this sweet florals sling pouch?

Did I mention there is a Christmas promotion right now? Check their site for products from $8 onwards. Get one for your loved one this Christmas!
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