Sponsored: Grungegirl

Floral Polka Round Bag | Floral Tote — c/o Grungegirl 

I had a floral tote customized and handmade just for ME! Perfect for days where I just want to chuck everything into my bag. The floral prints are too pretty. Oh yes I've just realized, the bag is reversible. The insides of this floral tote is lined with black chiffon, which means you get a black chiffon tote when you flip your tote inside out! What a great deal for a 2-way tote. Also, how could I miss out on the adorable round sling with floral polka dot prints? That's a first for me. Unique? Check.

For only SGD $23.00, you too can have your very own bag specially handmade with you in mind. Pick from the different types of bag available - sling, tote or round. Then, pick your own fabric from their variety of fabrics to choose from and.... Grungegirl does it right. 

Readymade bags are also available if you can't make up your mind! Visit them at the various social media platforms now!