Sponsored: 24x25

Today's advert is on 24x25, a local webstore which carries a variety of handmade totes, pouches, bags and more. I was honored to be sponsored 3 items from them, one of which will be coming up in the next launch!

 A little about them:
"Happiness is not ready made. Happiness is handmade." At 24X25, it's all about HANDMADE HAPPINESS! While we find joy in what we're doing, we hope to spread the love & appreciation for handmade goodness & share some happiness with you!  
Behind our handmade products are powered by only a pair of hands. We take pride in our products, made from scratch, paying attention to the finest details. In this world of mass production, we believe that there are people who yearn for the handmade touch. When you're buying handmade, you're buying more than just a product - what you'll get is exclusivity, quality & a whole lot of love!  
So why compromise yourself to suit the masses when you can customize & personalize an item, making it one-of-a-kind, made just for you!"

First up, I got the crochet tote which has yet to be launched. I guess you can say I'm not much of a tote person because I really like having a tiny crossbody to suit tiny me. However, I really fell in love with the intricate crochet details of this tote! (inserts mesmerized face) Not to mention the quality is superb for something that is handmade.

Secondly, I also got from them a peace sign necklace. I've had one of these before but it somehow got broken and I was so sad. Now that they have it there, I knew I had to pick this! And also this is going really cheap in their webstore, you just have to check it out.

Lastly, I got a little monochrome drawstring pouch with polka dot prints! Brings out the minimalism yet funky look. This pouch would be ideal for you to carry little things that you wouldn't want to lose, such as lip balms, thumbdrives, your make up and more! You can even use it as a coin pouch if you're someone who can't stand having lots of coins in your wallet. I really love the prints and quality of this pouch! 

Great news is that... 24x25 will be having a Facebook 'Like and Share' promotion from the 24th to 28th September 2013 for their Crochet Tote Launch! Simply like and share to win a Crochet InstaxCam Drawstring Pouch! (Yes it fits a insta cam, how sweet!)

If you're interested in purchasing the Crochet Tote, another great news! Quote 'BRENDAxCROCHET' when you submit your order to get a $2 off your purchase!

You can check them out on the various social media platforms!

Webstore: www.24x25.com