One of those days

Yup, just one of those days I could get a warm drink from the café in the same building I'm working at. For the ones who are curious, I'm currently having a practicum session (similar to internship but minus the pay) over at one of the childcare centre's in the industrial area. That makes morning traffic really bad, since I hardly have any buses that goes there. In fact, there's only one. 

Yeah, working my holidays off without any pay and on top of that we still have assignments to complete. But everyday I thank God (all the Gods possible) that I'm attached to the bestest host teacher of all and that my class is really a lovely bunch. Really would miss them once my practicum ends in four days' time. Yay/nay? 

On a side note, at least life's been pretty structured. Basically weekdays I've to be working and I have the weekends all to myself. Its better than having nothing to do each day.... Am I right? Though I really can't wait for the short getaway right after my practicum to... I have no idea where (cruise but where to?) I will find out, soon.