Stay strong.

There is a subtle difference between a cave and a tunnel. Both sounds deadly if you're trapped in it, all alone. But think again. A cave probably has only one exit, and the only place to get out is the very place where you came from. In other words, it's a one way thing. However, a tunnel is different. 

A tunnel may have two or more exits, so even if you're lost inside, there is always hope for you can always look out for the beam of light as you walk. You don't necessarily exit where you entered from. There is always hope. 

My point is, wherever you are, in any difficult situation. Don't think of yourself as being stuck in a cave with only one way out. Think of being in a tunnel, you just have to keep walking, and you will never know when you will see the light at the other end. 

I will not give up fighting for what I deserve. Stay strong, Brenda.