How to: Putting Overlays Into Pictures

So I've been asked many times how to use PicsArt to add overlays to pictures. Apparently my tutorial wasn't very clear so here I am with a pictorial tutorial! I hope everyone will get to learn something here. :)

Download 'PicsArt' for your phone. I think both iPhone and Android has it.

Step 1: Choose 'Photo' since you're working on a photo
Step 2: Pick a photo you want. In this case, I will be working on one photo from my gallery. So I picked 'Gallery'

Step 3: After your photo has loaded, choose 'Add' to add an overlay
Step 4: Pick 'Photo'

Step 5: Pick an overlay that you've saved from your Gallery. In this case, I chose a 'Saturday' I made.
(Take a look at the rest of my overlays here)
Step 6: From the drop-down menu at the bottom-right corner, you can see a list.

Step 7: Choose 'Screen' from the drop-down menu to get WHITE overlay.
Step 8: Choose 'Difference' from the drop-down menu to get BLACK overlay.
(Black overlays don't work with Android. Also, they only work on single-color background.)

Step 9: Save and you're done!