Wreck This Journal

My newly bought book from Books Kinokuniya. Although pretty costly and mostly filled with empty pages with a line or two, I think it's really worth the money. Wreck This Journal is an interactive book that requires much effort from the owner because of the wacky ideas written inside. One of it can be "Poke holes through this page with a pencil" or "Paste stickers from fruits on this page".

Basically, this book is designed for people who've tried to finish their sketchbook or journal but never had the resilience to do so. I've seen a few videos on YouTube of completed Wreck This Journal's and some even took up to 2 years to finish it. It's really interesting and I can't wait to sink into this book! Hopefully more pictures of my work in the journal will be up here :)

P/S: I love mini croissants.