Thieves' Market

Huge umbrellas as shelters were like sprouts of mushrooms. Once you step into that small lane, you'd be able to see many similar stalls selling (almost) the same items around. I've heard that this place used to occupy a much bigger area, but it was closed down due to the upgrading of roads and building of train stations. Nonetheless, it was a different kind of experience during this little trip to Sungei Road, also known as the Thieves' Market.

Each stall had a variety of used items displayed, all scattered either on a mat on the floor, or on a small table. I'm guessing most of the items are second-hand since they don't look new. Items range from old phones, rags and clothes, sunglasses, old film SLRs, accessories, stuffed toys, shoes, to even typewriters. This place is certainly a good hunt for old and vintage items. The people there are also very... different. Most of the stall holders are old man or woman who don't seem well to do, yet look really contented. In a sense, they are the ones, unlike us, who can certainly survive without any IT gadgets. Just an FM radio or some oldies songs would be good enough for them.

One man's trash might be another's treasure. You might find something really precious there, if you have the patience.