The Busy Supermarket

Atmosphere of the busy supermarket on a Sunday night. Just as the supermarket is about to close (in an hour or two), the crowd starts coming in. Mums are thinking of what to cook for dinner tomorrow night, as well as what's for breakfast for their beloved family members. Dads are just wandering around, hoping to find something interesting to keep themselves entertained whilst their wives shop. Children? Running about, looking at the latest arrived batch of chocolates and tidbits, in hopes that their parents will buy it for them. Well at least that was me when I was younger.

I was there doing some fruitful grocery (tidbits, really) shopping, in an attempt to gain some weight during this term break. Chips, biscuits, sweet drinks, chocolate pies were all in my hands. But more importantly, I went there to get some Earl Grey Tea. I've been a rather into tea recently, and I've decided for myself to try some new flavors rather than the good old Lipton Tea.

But I think I was there at the wrong timing. Just look at the crowd doing last minute shopping to prepare themselves for the week. At least I have items ticked off my shopping list, and I managed to take some pictures in the midst of queuing up at the counter. It was worth while.