I vaguely remember years ago when I first stepped into Ikea, the layout of the store totally had my eyes in glow and my mind going "Wow, this is just fantastic." After many years of not going to Ikea, the first time was probably 2 to 3 years back.

I've always wanted to try their Swedish meatballs, and boy does it taste good. I've tried other dishes such as their salmon, which left a very bad impression on me. Not that it tasted bad, it was probably not to my liking.

Today is the umpteenth time I'm at Ikea, but I wasn't pretty hungry at tea time, so we ordered a kid's set of meatballs for myself, and two chicken wings. Even though their meatballs don't taste as heavenly as the first time I tried it, I am still deeply in love. Of course, their hotdogs are not to be missed.